The IT industry's grandiose promises of computers revolutionizing productivity and profitability seem to be falling short. While it is true that computers have dramatically changed the way we do business, the effect on the bottom line is less apparent. Companies continue to outsource and downsize in an effort to reduce costs and remain competitive. In an overcrowded marketplace survival is at stake. Now more than ever, companies need to deploy information technologies to improve service levels and provide value. The ability to achieve this in a timely and cost-effective manner is critical to gaining a competitive advantage.

This is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.

We at ETI have applied this philosophy through 30 years of experience in large scale systems development in such areas as dynamic content-driven web-based systems, automated on-line database integration, inventory management, financial reporting, accounting, and data communication. We have served clients across a spectrum of industries including banking, consumer products, retailing, computers, construction, public utilities, not-for-profit and government organizations. As a result, our consultants have a keen understanding of the business environment, have highly developed project management skills, and have experience with a wide range of technologies and system architectures.

ETI is committed to assisting and supporting companies, large and small, in solving their problems by applying state-of-the-art tools and methodologies most suitable for their environment and people. While software tools are employed in our approach we are not predisposed towards any package in particular. Each and every problem demands unique consideration and calls for specific solutions.

One of the severest problems facing companies is the high cost and scarcity of professional consultants. High quality systems designers and programmers are in short supply, and the cost of hiring them is increasing rapidly. A popular method of solving these problems is to outsource the work to offshore locations.

For over two decades, ETI has, as an integrated operation, an offshore facility (Executive Technologies, Pvt., Ltd.) located in Hyderabad, India. Our Indian facility is linked to our American office via satellite. Secure FTP servers and dedicated lines to our clients are available to provide connectivity to India. Significant cost reductions can be achieved by taking advantage of the resources in our offshore facility without sacrificing quality or talent.

ETI's staff in the United States is responsible for project management, client relationships, full support and quality assurance. System design and programming can be undertaken by either of American or Indian staffs. ETI maintains several server farms here in the United States. Our offshore facility operates in multiple shifts on a 24/7 basis providing help desk, call center, system monitoring, and problem remediation services.

In essence, whether your IT needs call for new development in.Net web services, migrating applications to n-tier inter- and intra- net environments, or undertaking full software replacement, we have the people, the technology, and the solutions appropriate for your needs.